Throwback Thursday: The Moondogs

Moondogs with Richard Lee

When you heard the whistle, you knew all hell was going to break loose.  Literally.  They were always on a path of destruction, beating opponents with trash cans, chairs, boards – anything they could get their hands on.

The Moondogs were the most feared tag team in Memphis Wrestling history.  Nobody delivered beatings like they did.

This week’s Throwback Thursday sends us back to August 6, 1983.  The Moondogs were different… obviously.  They came from the swamp lands, chewed on animal bones & fought like madmen.

This music video definitely ranks as one of the most memorable from Memphis Wrestling.  The video was used several times throughout the years.

The Moondogs were generally led by Richard Lee.  He was the only one who could keep The Moondogs under control.  The Moondogs won the USWA Tag Team Titles on numerous occasions and had legendary feuds with Jeff Jarrett & Jerry Lawler.  Did I mention they are former WWF World Tag Team Champions, as well?

You didn’t mess with The Moondogs.  And if you did, you got hurt.

Fun Facts:  There were many variations of the tag team known as The Moondogs.  The most notorious in Memphis is definitely Moondog Spot, also known as Larry Latham.  Moondog Spot died on November 29, 1993 during a Moondog Battle Royal.  I was in that match and Moondog Spot hit me with a frying pan.  He just smirked.  Larry was a dear friend of mine.

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  1. they was Wrestlers in Osceola, Arkansas around the time SPOT died… i just wish that they will induct him in the WWE Hall of Fame… he was the greatest… i seen spot wrestle for many of years when i was a lil boy.. and no one will say that he wrestled in Osceola … but they will way that he wrestled in the wwf and uswa…….. he is still a legend and his son is taking on his legacy

    • Dustin Starr says:

      Moondog Championship Wrestling. I wrestled for Larry there. Hardest ring I’ve ever been in. Hah

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