Throwback Thursday: Dr. Tom talks pro wrestling

Dr. Tom & Dusty Rhodes

Dr. Tom Prichard impersonates “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes on MSL.

Last Saturday, former WWE Tag Team Champion and head trainer Dr. Tom Prichard joioned MSL for an exclusive interview with Kevin Cerrito & myself.  I worked with Dr. Tom throughout 2010 while I was under contract in WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling.  Also, Dr. Tom had many successful years in the Memphis-based USWA, before becoming a multiple-time WWE Tag Team Champion.

This week’s Throwback Thursday features the interview in its entirety.  If you missed the interview during the live program, here’s your chance to take a look at the inside of World Wrestling Entertainment and the independent wrestling scene, as well.

Among other topics, Dr. Tom touches base on the recent news of  WWE Chairman and Chief Executive Vince McMahon recently losing $350 million in one day, as well as the recent roster cuts coming out of WWE.  Tom Prichard trained the majority of the talent that was released and discusses who they “missed the boat” on.  Speaking of Dr. Tom’s training, he also trained every current WWE Champion.  Dr. Tom talked more about talent outside of the WWE and where those top prospects come from.

If that’s not enough, wait until you hear his story about former WCW diva Missy Hyatt.  To wrap things up, Dr. Tom Prichard is put on the spot when Cerrito asks him about his infamous Dusty Rhodes impersonation.  He would often break out into Dusty promos during training at FCW.

You can follow Dr. Tom Prichard on Twitter @DrTomPrichard.  Also, Dr. Tom is on Facebook and welcomes your friend request.

We will be conducting many more interviews in the months to come.  Be on the lookout for the next big announcement.


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