Throwback Thursday: Scott Steiner talks Memphis Wrestling


Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner joined MSL last week for an exclusive interview.  Steiner appeared at PoppaMania in Union City, TN later that evening in front of a sold out audience.  The Genetic Freak had not performed in the Mid-South since the early 2000’s, while under contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Maria and I, while guest hosting MSL, conducted the interview with Steiner and covered many different highlights from his career.  Among the topics discussed was his time wrestling in Memphis, TN in 1988-1989.

Steiner spoke candidly about his debut in Memphis, being involved in the celebration after Jerry Lawler won the AWA World Championship from Curt Hennig and what it was like working six nights a week in the Memphis territory.  He also discussed wrestling with top stars such as Sid Vicious (as Lord Humongous), Jeff Jarrett and even Mark Calloway (The Undertaker).  He quickly followed it up with “everybody that’s anybody came through Memphis.”

Listen to the former World Champion discuss old school Memphis Wrestling on MSL:

Along with discussing Memphis Wrestling, Scott Steiner also talked about all the accomplishments throughout his career.  Being one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time, we asked him about breaking away from his brother Rick Steiner to become World Heavyweight Champion at WCW.  You’d also be interested to hear what he had to stay when the topic of TNA Impact Wrestling was mentioned.  If that wasn’t enough, Steiner talked about being involved in a lawsuit brought on by Hulk Hogan.

Shortly after the interview, Memphis Wildfire Wrestling announced that “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner would be wrestling against Jerry “The King” Lawler on July 10th in Memphis, TN at Minglewood Hall.  The event is entitled “Force of July” and will be headlined by the two former World Champions.  For more details on the event, go to Memphis Wildfire’s official Facebook page.

Fun Facts:  During our interview, I asked Steiner about the chances of him wrestling in Memphis.  His response – “you never know.”  Maybe our interview had something to do with the booking?  Also, Jerry Lawler and Scott Steiner have never wrestled each other during their illustrious careers.

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