Throwback Thursday: Jos LeDuc’s blood oath

Joe LeDucThrough the annals of time, there have been many great wrestling interviews that made an impact on their audience.  Historic sayings and catch phrases that live forever.  From the famous Austin 3:16 interview, to CM Punk’s original “pipe bomb promo” – interviews that made wrestlers famous.  But there hasn’t been anything quite like Jos LeDuc‘s famous “blood oath” promo.

The interview is arguably the most famous in Memphis Wrestling history.

This week’s Throwback Thursday, we take you back to August 5, 1978.  Lance Russell interviews the maniacal Jos LeDuc, as he threatens Jerry “The King” Lawler before their match on Monday night at the Mid-South Coliseum.  Did I mention that LeDuc is holding an axe in his hand?

You will not believe what happens next.  This clip contains graphic material:

I have never seen anything like Jos LeDuc.  His historic interview would never be allowed on television today.  In fact, Lance Russell thought the incident would have the show taken off television.


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