Throwback Thursday: Tommy Rich & Austin Idol shave Lawler’s head

Idol and RichHave you ever seen Jerry “The King” Lawler get his head shaved?  Could you even imagine The King of Memphis beaten up and getting his head shaved in the center of the ring?

“Wildfire” Tommy Rich and “The Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol were two of the baddest men in Memphis Wrestling.  Along with Paul Heyman, they stole a victory over Jerry Lawler and you will not believe what happens next.

This week’s Throwback Thursday, we take a look back to April 27, 1987 where Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol battle inside a steel cage.  That’s not it – this match is Hair vs Hair.

Lance Russell is on play-by-play, as Idol and Rich go nuts inside the ring.

Did you hear the sold out audience at the Mid-South Coliseum?  Everyone was absolutely stunned at the end of the night.

Fun Facts:  Lawler was injured and could not wrestle for quite some time.  Rumor has it – behind the scenes – Lawler needed time off to do undergo a personal surgery procedure.

Dustin Starr is an active sports entertainer and regular contributor to MemphiSport and MSL. Follow him @DustinStarr.


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