Throwback Thursday: Jerry Lawler & Doug Gilbert confrontation at FedExForum

Long Live the KingLast week’s Throwback Thursday was a little too controversial for, so it was removed.  That’s exactly what you get when you have a Lawler vs. Gilbert feud.

Especially, when it comes to “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert.

Lawler has not only had his issues with Doug in the past, but he’s also feuded with Doug’s family for many years.   Doug & Eddie Gilbert even ran down Jerry Lawler in a car, in the parking lot of WMC-TV5 Studios.

This week’s Throwback Thursday features a clip from the audience at FedExForum earlier this year, proving that it doesn’t matter when or where – the Gilbert’s hate the Lawler’s.  MSL Favorite Mascot winner, Grizz, was set to do an imitation of Jerry Lawler live at center court.  Just as “King” Grizz was introduced to the live audience, Doug Gilbert storms the court and addresses Grizz, The King & GrizzNation…

On September 18th, Memphis Wildfire Wrestling returns to Minglewood Hall for an event entitled Long Live the King.  Many Memphis Wrestling greats are scheduled to appear to pay tribute to Jerry “The King” Lawler on the two-year anniversary of his near-fatal heart attack.  Headlining the event is none other than Jerry “The King” Lawler versus “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert.

The two have already had a war of words via Wildfire Wrestling’s official Facebook page.

VIDEO:  Doug Gilbert challenges Jerry Lawler

VIDEO:  Jerry Lawler accepts Doug’s challenge

Also confirmed for the event is a who’s who list of classic Memphis Wrestling stars:  Lance Russell, Dave Brown, “Superstar” Bill DundeeBrian Christopher, PG-13, referee Jerry Calhoun, Rock n’ Roll Express and WWE Hall of Famer KoKo B. Ware.  Maria and I are scheduled to host our Five Starr Showcase with special guest “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant.

For more details, go to Memphis Wildfire Wrestling’s Official Facebook page.

Fun Facts:  Both “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert & “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert have been fired from Memphis Wrestling at one time or another for the things they have said on live television.  The King fired back about Doug’s “dead brother” in a recent interview.  Things are heating up once again between Gilbert & Lawler.

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  1. Rick johnson says:

    This is exactly why Memphis Wrestling died. Throughout the history of Memphis wrestling you had the big star. In the 50s locally it was Billy Wicks. When time came for his to step aside and make room for the next star he did so and allowed Sputnik Monroe carry the torch. Then Sputnik stepped aside and allowed Jackie Fargo to carry the torch. Then when the time came Jackie stepped aside and allowed Lawler to carry the torch. However when the time came for Lawler to step aside and allow the next person to take up the torch he refused to do so. The mere fact that we are going to have a headliner match with two guys way past their prime. One in his mid 40s and the other just months away from social security. The only good thing about the whole deal is at least it is not another Lawler Dundee match up.

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