Throwback Thursday: Lance Russell appears at RAW

When WWE Monday Night RAW comes to FedExForum, Memphis is always in for a big surprise.  Back in March, Memphis fans witnessed John Cena and Hulk Hogan in the ring together for the very first time.  Along with that, we also saw the beginning of the “Yes Movement” that propelled Daniel Bryan to the World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE never fails to deliver in Memphis, especially last Monday night.

This week’s Throwback Thursday brings a clip that has only been seen by those who purchased tickets and showed up to FedExForum to watch live.  So, this week’s clip was not televised and has only been shared with the wrestling fans of Memphis, TN.

Before RAW went live on the USA Network, Jerry “The King” Lawler is introduced to the live audience, as usual.  Instead of taking his seat at the broadcast table, The King introduces a very special guest to the jam-packed Forum.  Listen to the ovation, as the legendary voice of Memphis Wrestling takes the stage.

As many of you know, Lance Russell was in town for last week’s Memphis Wildfire Wrestling event “Long Live the King”.  Lance was reunited with Dave Brown for the special evening that paid tribute to Jerry Lawler’s career and accomplishments.  Russell was approached about appearing at FedExForum with Lawler and couldn’t refuse.  This was Lance Russell’s very first appearance in the WWE.

Be sure to keep up with Lance Russell on his Official Facebook Page.

Next week, I’ll share with you highlights, matches and results from Memphis Wildfire Wrestling at Minglewood Hall.  In my best Lance Russell voice, “Until next time, so long everybody!”

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  1. Having Lance come out was a nice gesture when I heard about it, but for those of us watching at home, we couldn’t see that. It is a shame that Raw fans have no clue who someone like Lance is (back when wrestling was fun). I have to respectfully disagree about Raw in Memphis being fun. While things like Lance coming out are cool, most of the Raw shows haven’t been all that exciting for some reason in Memphis (I am talking about as a whole and I am not trying to be negative). Also, the King (As great as he is) seems to have lost his passion for just announcing. He has been back wrestling for over a year now and it is time for him to get back into a WWE ring and he needs to turn heel again. The only reason I watch Raw from time to time these days (The show is not entertaining anymore. I am tired of John Cena in every main event and the mid-card doesn’t have a lot of talent that interests me) is because of the King, but he seems bored in his role. I am not sure if that is true or not or if the WWE has toned him down but the WWE is just not that exciting right now in my opinion. No disrespect intended.

    • Dustin Starr says:

      Mark, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Every time WWE is in Memphis at FedExForum, they do something special. In March, you had Cena and Hogan in the ring at the same time – first time ever. You also had the creation of the “Yes Movement.” Last October, Santino dressed as Elvis and danced with Lawler on the broadcast desk.

      I could go on and on.

      I respect your opinion and where you’re coming from – but just because you aren’t a fan of a particular person, doesn’t mean they do not do anything special while in Memphis.

      Thanks for reading!

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