Throwback Thursday Halloween Edition: A Memphis Wrestling Halloween

With Halloween only hours away, what better way to celebrate than a special edition of Throwback Thursday.  Of course, that comes with a very special clip from Memphis Wrestling’s past.

Typically, we could rewind back to a classic Jerry Lawler versus Leatherface battle.  Or maybe we could throw in a classic Freddy clip.  He wrestled numerous times in Memphis, as well.  Perhaps, we could show a clip of the time Jerry Lawler & Lance Russell traded places?  Those are all great clips that we have seen time and time again.  But do you remember when all of the wrestlers dressed up and fought matches in-costume?

Let’s rewind to October 30, 1998 – sixteen years ago today – to one of the most unique episodes of Memphis Power Pro Wrestling I’ve ever seen.  During this match-up between Batman & Popeye vs. Freddy & Leatherface, try to figure out who’s under each mask!

Be sure to share you favorite wrestling Halloween costume on Twitter by sending them to @MemphiSport or @DustinStarr.  I will share them next week on Throwback Thursday.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, everyone!

Dustin Starr is an active sports entertainer and regular contributor to MemphiSport and MSL. Follow him @DustinStarr.



  1. I can’t pick up the video (I admit I live in the prairie of Kansas and this area is behind the times in some internet capabilities), but I think I remember this match. I think, and I’m probably wrong, that Lawler was Batman; Popeye was Christopher; Doug Gilbert was Freddy. I honestly can’t remember who was Leatherface, but for some reason Sid Vicious pops in my head.

    I’m probably wrong with this, but I wanted to try to guess. I do remember seeing Doug Gilbert on YouTube in the Freddy costume in Japan with Eddie Gilbert playing another scary character (although they were on opposite sides of the match), then took the masks off.

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