MSL Podcast: Last Show Before Christmas 2014

Dundee with MSL


(Segment 1) Kevin Cerrito and Marcus Hunter talk about all the college football bowls with local interest.
(Segment 2) It’s KeVinsanity when The Memphis Flyer’s  Kevin Lipe calls in for his weekly segment to talk everything Grizzlies including Cavs trade rumors, SEGABABA strategy, the tough December schedule, and more.
(Segment 3) More with Lipe.

MemphiSport Live


(Segment 1) Wrestling legend Bill “Superstar” Dundee  joins Cerrito and Dustin Starr to talk about his upcoming match against the King at the Southern Heavyweight Classic on Dec 18, wrestling at the age of 71, and more.
(Segment 2) “I Love Memphis” blogger and Kevin’s podcast co-host Holly Whitfield joins the guys in studio to talk about things to look forward to in Memphis in 2015.
(Segment 3) Woohoos and Boos

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MemphiSport Live

Kevin Cerrito hosts MemphiSport Live (MSL) with Marcus Hunter on Sports 56 & 87.7 FM every Saturday from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. MSL was voted 3rd Best Sports Radio Show in the 2010, 2011 & 2012 Memphis Flyer Best of Memphis poll. 

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