Q & A: Dallas business owner Candace Green drawing rave reviews with Simplyyy Romantic

EDITOR’S NOTE: When Candace Green graduated from Skyline High in the Dallas area in the late 1990s, among the things she dreamt was embarking upon the entrepreneurial industry. After years of constant research and perseverance, it’s safe to assume that Green undoubtedly has found her niche as a rising entrepreneur. So much, in fact, that Green’s business venture, Simplyyy Romantic, has drawn rave reviews in such a short time span. To Green’s credit, no doubt her latest venture figures to grasp the attention of those who aspire to spice up and enhance their love life, let alone the overall entire landscape of their relationship. During a recent interview with longtime journalist Andre Johnson, Green spoke in detail about her business.

Can2ANDRE: You’re a rather young and vibrant business owner. What is your age?
CANDACE: I am age 32.

ANDRE: Tell our readers what high school you attended.
CANDACE: I went to Skyline High School.

ANDRE: So what is the name of your latest business venture you’d like the general public to embrace?
CANDACE: The name of my business is Simplyyy Romantic.

ANDRE: Clearly, Candace, your Q & A story will be featured on a sports-oriented website. Were you at one point in time involved in athletics?
CANDACE: I didn’t play any sports.

ANDRE: Candace, please enlighten our readers on why Simplyyy Romantic stands out above other business establishments similar to it.
CANDACE: My business helps put the romance back in couples marriage and relationship. People say that my business is different and unique.

ANDRE: Now, of course, many of our readers would like to know when is the best time to take advatage of your business. In other words, when is Simplyyy Romantic’s peak season?
CANDACE: I expect for my business to be it’s busiest on Birthdays, Wedding Days, Valentine’s Day, and various anniversaries.

ANDRE: And, finally Candace, what is amongst the targeted age group for your newly-established busniess venture?
CANDACE: The group that reaches out to me is men and women 27-50.

For more information on Simplyyy Romantic, email Candace Green at: simplyyyromantic@gmail.com.

DrePicAndre Johnson is a senior writer for MemphiSport. Based in Dallas, Texas, Johnson covers the NBA Southwest Division. To reach Johnson, send an email to andre@memphisport.net. Also, follow him on Twitter @AJ_Journalist.


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