Q & A: Dallas rapper ‘Da Chosen One’ shares life, love, and music in interview with Andre Johnson

Without question, Rene Ruvalcaba loves Dallas, Texas. And, given how he’s gone about becoming a fixture in his native hometown, it’s safe to assume that Dallas loves Revalcaba. So much, in fact, that musically-inclined individuals throughout the Metroplex have embraced this young, vibrant, up-and-coming rap artist as he steadfastly continues to make a name for him in this ever-so-competitive industry. During a recent interview with longtime journalist Andre Johnson, Ruvalcaba spoke about his rise on the music circuit and his plans with his newfound craft in the foreseeable future. Here’s his interview.

ChosenANDRE: Rene, what is your age?
RENE: I am age 26 years old.
ANDRE: Tell our readers where you are originally from.
RENE: I am originally from Dallas, Texas…the Pleasant Grove area. ANDRE: Do you have any children?
RENE: Yes, man. I have one daughter.
ANDRE: Are you married or single?
RENE: I am currently engaged to be married.
ANDRE: Aside from being an up-and-coming rapper, what is your occupation?
RENE: I currently work at BMW
ANDRE: What is your involvement in the music industry?
RENE: My stage name is “Young Chosen.” My mom and friends gave that name, because they always said I was the chosen one growing up and it fits me because I’m good at what I do. Every new thing I try to do, I do it to best of my ability.
ANDRE: So I hear you are popular with the ladies.
RENE: Yeah…I’m a ladies’ man…I’m great with women (laughing).
ANDRE: Describe your work ethic?
RENE: Well, man, I work hard for what I have. Basically what I’m saying is growing up, I was the man with the money the girls, so they called me The Chosen One.
ANDRE: How have people in Texas embraced your mucic?
RENE: A lot of people feel my music because I (rap) about the struggle and I spit stories. Don’t get me wrong, I have turn-up songs as well, but a lot of people can relate to my music because of what I (rap). I really get deep into my music the way I spit music. The new trendsetter I’m going with, people love how very smart I am when dealing with music.
ANDRE: Looking ahead, why is the sky’s the limit for you?
RENE: Well, I plan on writing more songs about the struggle about society more about what’s really going on out here deep in the street. My plan is to make kids smile, make relationships better with a simple song. My plan is to touch young children by giving them a different state of mind when it comes to the streets. My plan is to make project after project that motivates society.
I would like to thank the audience, family, friends, my girl Brittany Jackson, and the supporters and listeners. Out here, I would like to let the world know that this is my first year and three months rapping in the game.

CHECK OUT DA CHOSEN ONE: http://youtu.be/FoR2c2LP4Fo

DrePicAndre Johnson is a senior writer for MemphiSport. Based in Dallas, Texas, Johnson also covers the NBA Southwest Division. To reach Johnson, send email to andre@memphisport.net. Also, follow him on Twitter @AJ_Journalist.

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