Top 5: Wrestling Night at FedExForum

When Grizzlies Live starts out like this, you know you’re in for a fun night at FedExForum.  As if the big OKC-Memphis rivalry wasn’t enough – Grizzlies tag teamed with pro wrestling to electrify The Grindhouse.  Maria & I were there, along with Kevin Cerrito to witness the action first-hand.

Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look back at the top five takeaways from the event (in no particular order).

1.  16-time World Heavyweight Champion & 2-time WWE Hall of Famer “Nature Boy” Ric Flair made a surprise appearance with the Nature Bear – Grizz dressed as Flair!  Flair not only mentioned Kevin Durant on mic, but he hugged & rallied with Vince Carter & Z-Bo.

Flair & Grizz






Courtesy of @memgrizz

2.  Grizzlies featured live wrestling matches during the evening.  I competed in the pre-game match-up & Jerry “The King” Lawler was in action at half time.  The King successfully defended his newly crowned World Grizzlyweight Championship.

photo (3)







Courtesy of @ArtBy_Exelbierd


3.  The legendary Memphis Wrestling broadcast team of Lance Russell & Dave Brown hosted segments throughout the evening, building up to the big match at half time.  They provided play-by-play and fans were certainly happy to see the duo back in action.







Courtesy of @memgrizz

4.  Memphis fans are crazy.  But Memphis wrestling fans are crazier!














5.  The first 3,000 fans received World Grizzlyweight Championship belts.  Fans began lining up as early as 3PM.  Doors do not open until 5PM… and tip off isn’t until 7PM.  To say this was the best giveaway in Grizzlies history would be an understatement.  (or am I biased?)


@lbwhit18, MSL’s @MariaGaray & @JDun81










Courtesy of @JDun81


If you attended Wrestling Night at FedExForum, be sure to share you photos and highlights by tweeting myself or @MemphiSport.  Your next chance to catch live wrestling at FedExForum is February 22nd at WWE’s Fast Lane pay-per-view.  Tickets are on sale now.

Dustin Starr is an active sports entertainer and regular contributor to MemphiSport and MSL. Follow him @DustinStarr.


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