Q & A: Is Dallas’ Makecia Johnson the modeling world’s best kept secret?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Makecia Johnson is her name.
So you might want to remember that.
Among the obvious reasons is that this tall, stunning, gorgeous woman of color undoubtedly is armed with a wealth of energy and spunk and flair and charisma, most notably whenever she is thrust on any runway across America. Not only that, Makecia doesn’t shy away from the notion that she is dream chaser, much like her idol and mentor, renowned model and actress Tyra Banks, once did long before she emerged as the super model giant she has become. During a recent interview with longtime journalist Andre Johnson, Makecia spoke everything from her days growing up in Dallas to why she aspires to someday become a thriving model. Check this out!

Kecia6DALLAS, Texas —

ANDRE: What is your full name?
KECIA: Makecia Johnson
ANDRE: Do you care to tell our readers your age?
KECIA: I’m a young, energetic 24
ANDRE: So where are you originally from?
KECIA: Dallas, Texas
ANDRE: What Dallas-area high school did you attend?
KECIA: I attended David W. Carter (in Oak Cliff)
ANDRE: So…are you currently in college?
KECIA: YesKecia3
ANDRE: And what exactly are you studying?
KECIA: Business Management
ANDRE: Ahhhhh…So just when did you first realized you wanted to take up modeling?
KECIA: When I seen the first cycle of America’s Next Top Model in 2003. I used to watch every episode wishing and imaging being on the show.
ANDRE: That’s fantastic, Kecia. So this dream is more than a decade old, I see. Is there anything you used to do as a child that inspired you to want to do modeling?
KECIA: I used to flip through magazines and mimic different models’ poses in front of the mirror.
ANDRE: That said, who are amongst the professional models that you look up to?
KECIA: Tyra Banks is so inspirational, because she has helped aspiring models’ dreams come true.
ANDRE: What professional models have you met?
Kecia2KECIA: I haven’t met any professional models in real life yet, but I had a dream that I met Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.
ANDRE: Do you currently work for a modeling agency or have worked for one?
KECIA: I work with Diamond Consulting Services (DCS) CEO Becky Gaston
ANDRE: And tell our readers exactly where has your modeling skills taken you around the country?
KECIA: I have modeled in the East Coast.
ANDRE: How many photo shoots have you done?
KECIA: Wow, I missed counted.
ANDRE: You’re quite hilarious, too, I see. Any other upcoming photo shoots?
KECIA: Yes! So be on the lookout for new photos!
ANDRE: Alright, Kecia. Do you have any upcoming modeling events on your itinerary?
KECIA: Yes! I have a fashion show on March 28 for Fashion Riot Dallas.
ANDRE: Who are among your biggest supporters?
KECIA: God and my mother, Katherine Hicks
ANDRE: Who do you credit mostly for your success?
KECIA: First person is God for blessing me; Second person is my mother for praying for me. And then thirdly, that person is myself for never giving up.
ANDRE: Where do you see yourself in the next year or two? Kecia4
KECIA: I love modeling in other people fashion show, but in the next year or two I will be ready to create my own fashion shows.
ANDRE: That said, explain to our readers why is the sky’s the limit for you? Kecia7
KECIA: The sky’s the limit because I am the boss of my life, so I should be able to live comfortably how I want to live. I don’t just want to make it only for myself but to be a blessing to other people as well.
ANDRE: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
KECIA: Well…My dream is to be a Covergirl Model, and I wish I was tall enough to be a Victoria Secret Model. In some ways, making a living in modeling is like making a living in sports. If you aren’t tall, it’s going to be very difficult to be a professional basketball player. Yes, there are sometimes exceptions to the rule. Do you remember (5-foot-7 former NBA Slam Dunk champion) Spud Webb?
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