Q & A: The NorthStars ballers celebrate 13-3 mark capped by elusive championship

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just recently, Wesley Louis explained in detail what makes his Dallas-area NorthStars 10-and-under basketball so special. As Louis tells it, this young, vibrant, speedy bunch has overcome an assortment of odds and he explained that and other subjects with MemphiSport senior Andre Johnson recently. Take a peep.

Wes5ANDRE: What is the actually name of your team?
WESLEY: We are the NorthStars Basketball
ANDRE: And who is your assistant or assistants?
WESLEY: My assistant if Delon Grace
ANDRE: What is the age group of your ballers?
WESLEY: The age group for our players is 10-and-under.
ANDRE: Wesley, where are you originally from?
WESLEY? Originally, I’m from Little Rock, Arkansas.
ANDRE: So, tell our readers what exactly makes the NorthStars ballers so special?
WESLEY: What makes this team so special is that we are out-sized in every position, but we work and train harder than others and we have a will to beat all odds.
ANDRE: What do you love the most about your team?
WESLEY: The thing I like the most about the team is that we all count on one another; we are our brother’s keeper. We strongly believe in unity and playing as one well-oiled machine.
ANDRE: Congratulations on winning that elusive championship. How does it feel?
WESLEY: Words can’t express how happy I am that we won the championship. Beating all odds in all phases was well worth it. I’m one proud coach.
ANDRE: Wesley, what is the biggest, most underlying lesson you’ve learned this year as a team?
WESLEY: The biggest lesson I learned about this team is the effort and hard work they have put in to be the best they can be. Our overall record is 13-3. Building on this success, we will look back at the battles and how we won the war, continue to train and practice with an intense purpose to be great on and off the court.
ANDRE: Looking ahead, why is the sky’s the limit for your bunch in their quest to repeat as champs?
WESLEY: The sky is limited for us moving forward because of the foundation that’s been set and the high expectation level that is expected.


Kaelen Jackson

Joshua Wilson

Demonte Greene

Cameron Bradix

Benjamin Whitfield

Davon Whitehead

Trenton Payton

Demarcus Grace

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