SURPRISE! Happy Birthday to the Kansas Jayhawk alum known as ANNIESHA! From your loving family!

EDITOR’S NOTE: As Anniesha raises the curtain yet another jubilant, festive birthday celebration, the staff of pauses to extend a well-deserved salute to this dynamically talented young lady. Of course, we could have done it without the help of her mom and big sister.

Teresa1SALUTE TO ANNIESHA FROM YOUR SIS, TERESA: “Anniesha graduated from high school in 2001, then graduated from University of Kansas in 2006 and then she became a doctor in 2009, graduating from Parker College of Chiropractic. Anniesha is a loving sister an awesome mom and a great wife. She is my favorite person to be around. She always makes me laugh and she is just all around a good person. Teresa9Teresa3

I am so proud of her because from day one, as long as I can remember she’s always said that she was going to be a doctor and that she was going to drive a Toyota Camry. And that was back when Toyota Camrys are ugly cars. Now, Anniesha is a doctor and she drives a Toyota Camry! She has a wonderful family, her children are beautiful fun loving kids, her husband is kind hearted and is a loving father. I’m so proud to call her my sister!

She has done everything that she said she wanted to do and I know that the best is yet to come for her. I am doing this as a way to say thank you for being who you are and for showing me that as long as you have a dream and you go for it and you say focused you will always make it! I love her and I just wanted to do something special for, her something different and out of the ordinary. So I wanted to say happy birthday to the best chiropractor that I know!

Teresa8You take what you do very seriously and you will always stop to make sure that someone is OK and you are very big on healing and making sure that you’re not just healed on the outside but healed on the inside as well. I love you! Happy birthday! I truly believe in your success as you open your new practice and you continue practicing medicine and healing everyone. And I know that you as long as you keep focused and you keep staying true to your dream you’re going to change the world Dr. Anniesha Henderson! I love you sweetheart you’re my favorite younger sister! Happy birthday!”

SALUTE TO ANNIESHA FROM YOUR MOM: “Hi Anniesha this is mom. I just wanted to say happy birthday to an amazing young lady. I’m so very proud of you for all that you have accomplished. It’s a blessing to be here to see you turn 33 years. Where has the time gone. In these 33 years you’ve done some amazing things, including being an amazing doctor. I appreciate how you care about people, love on people and want them to take care of themselves. You even take care of us, your family. You don’t just push us away, but you give us the same quality care you give your patients. Teresa2

Teresa4You take time and talk to us about our health because you want us to be healthy. I’m also proud of how you take care of your own family, your two girls, Eric and Joseph. I’m just excited that God has blessed me to be your Mom. I want you to know that and I love you so very much and am very proud of you. Happy birthday. I hope and pray that is one of the most amazing birthdays you’ve ever had.”

We LOVE You Niesha!! Happy Birthday from all of us!! — Your loving mother and little sister!


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