Gospel singer Jae Moore to stop through Memphis soon as his single debuts July 17

OKLAHOMA CITY — In Jae Moore’s estimation, “You” can reach anyone in the world.

“You,” as in his debut single that is scheduled to make its much-anticipated release on July 17.Jae2

A longtime gospel singer, Moore has been singing ever since his childhood days growing up in nearby Tulsa, Oklahoma. After strong support from his family and close acquaintances, this rising gospel recording artist has taken another favorable step toward fulfilling what he deems his “divine purpose” for which God created him.

That is, to sing in such a way that his angelic voice reaches not just those who witnessed him grow up, but rather to the masses across the globe, regardless of their race, creed, or color.

As Moore tells it, that essentially is the pivotal, thought-provoking message that is engraved in his debut single.

In a nutshell, “You” is geared largely toward the Apostle Paul’s compassionate letter to the Ephesians, particularly with regards to how we ought to respond to others in the wake of conflict.

According to Ephesians 4:31-32, Paul wrote: Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

As it relates to his debut single, Moore said, “You, by all accounts, is generally a moment about which people from all walks of life to pause and reflect on just loving God is, regardless of their present situation and circumstances, regardless of how turbulent times are at this present time, regardless of how much they’ve messed up in life.

“When I began to write this song and pray about it, thoughts started coming to my head of how easily it is to hold things and hurts in,” Moore said in assessing his debut single. “It’s easy to hold on to unforgiveness. It’s easy to hold on to bitterness, especially when someone has done us wrong or we have done wrong. It is so easy to follow after the patterns of this world. But this song just simply says I want to be like You, God. I want to do the things You do, and say the things You say (His word)…and the big one is love like He does. I chose “You” because No. 1, I love the message that it sends. I believe it can reach anyone, whether they know Christ or not, whether they just came to Christ last week or have been saved for 50 years.”

A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Moore, to his credit, has hit the gospel music recording circuit at full speed in recent months, in large part because, as he tells it, he strategically placed his past “fears and jitters” where they belong: behind him.

JaeMainNow his steadfast leap of faith coupled with his keen ability to exercise his faith daily has given way to favorable results for this young married father of three.


“I expect this song to just meet people where they are,” Moore said. “The bible says, ‘With love and kindness have I drawn you.’ I try to display that in my life and through this song. I hope this song would compel people to want to get closer to God. For me, this song has done just that. This single stands out because it’s me. I was given to me by the Lord. He used me to write and sing this.”

As he prepares to witness the release of his first recorded single, Moore’s next hit is currently in the works with a visit to Memphis to promote his work in mid-August, he said.

Entitled, “Waiting On You,” this hit is expected to be released sometime in August. In addition, Moore is assembling his album, although there is no timetable for the full project’s release.

“I am staying pretty busy,” Moore said. “Also I am working on promoting myself. I believe people will be blessed by my ministry and the music I have to offer that God has given me. I believe God is taking me somewhere, and my prayers are that my music finds itself in the lap of the right people that needs to hear it.”

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