Memphian Tracey Crawley having huge impact as The Barber Institute’s founder, CEO

traceymainSOUTHAVEN, Mississippi — Without question, Tracey Lynn Crawley loves God.

She’s passionate about ministry.

Her reputation is such that she routinely displays a heart for people.

People from various walks of life.

People who are bound spiritually.

People who, like her, are on fire for God, the Giver of life.

People who, well, love to stay groomed both in the spiritual and natural realms.

So much, in fact, that Crawley has transcended into yet another phase of her life, one whereby people can benefit from mightily, let alone a venture in which they can embrace and savor both in the natural and spirit.

Crawley, 45, is chief executive officer and founder of The Barber Institute School And Salon in the DeSoto County area in North Mississippi. Located at 1273 Stateline Road West in Southaven, Mississippi — just minutes away from Memphis — Crawley, a former Trezevant Vocational Technical Center enrollee — has become a fixture in this forever competitive cosmetology industry.

12294829_1281335481881252_1044428057813676031_nWhile Crawley doesn’t boasts an athletic resume of any kind, her wealth of experience in her distinct line of work has afforded her the golden opportunity to not just help enhance and inspire the lives of others through her fledging institution, but rather her assortment of accolades and achievements are amongst the reasons her best and brightest days in this ever evolving industry are well ahead of her.

For starters, this Memphis Frayser High graduate has garnered a wealth of success, thus witnessed her gifts give way to her having compiled a number of honors, most notably a Distinct Character Award in Ministry (or Divine Ministries International Fellowship). As if that wasn’t enough to draw rave reviews in her industry, Crawley was the recipient of the popular Focus Award in Business during her tenure at Memphis New Wave Hair Academy.

In addition, she was named Teacher of the Month during her notable tenure at Remington College.

As Crawley explained during a recent interview with longtime journalist Andre Johnson, it is because of her devout faith, coupled with her tireless esteeming of others that has enabled her to arrive at such commendable, monumental time such as now.

In other words, because God instilled in Crawley to lead and guide and direct His people in both ministry and through her business, it’s safe to assume the sky undoubtedly is the limit for a rising, progressive entrepreneur whom, given her keen track record as businesswoman, is devising every conceivable way to maximize her potential.


“What I like most about being in business is the liberty to educate diverse learners aspiring to become future professional barbers and stylists,” said Crawley, adding that her institution is qualified to train veteran enrollees.

20130713_133904Having adopted the catchphrase, “Inspiration, Innovation, Education,” Crawley doesn’t shy away from the notion that more than anything, The Barber Institute is beacon of light, of sorts, in large part because many have dubbed her establishment as a ministry.

“It affords me the opportunity to exemplify the love and compassion of Christ with those I educate and service in an unorthodox, yet rewarding and fulfilling manner,” Crawley explains. “An intricate part of our program is Outreach and Community Involvement. It gives us an opportunity to give back to those who can benefit from it, yet can’t afford our services.”

Aside of impacting lives through ministry and Biblical principles, The Barber Institute — like God — doesn’t respect a person.

In a nutshell, this flourishing business reaches individuals of all ages, regardless of one’s race, creed, or color.

644A0296“We cater to all ages,” Crawley reiterated. “Our business is twofold. We are theoretical and practical. Our learners have a number of hours that they must obtain in the classroom and on the clinic floor. Our clinic floor is where they get to perform the skills they have acquired and are required for licensure. The public is able to receive services at an affordable cost. Our clinic floor motto is “Master the Concept and Perfect the Skill.”

Moreover, that Crawley steadfastly obeyed the voice of God and erected her business, The Barber Institute, in turn, has had the luxury of partnering with Memphis Athletic Ministries, the Benjamin Hooks Job Corp Center, ICS Head Start, Never Too Late Too Tell, West Memphis Boys and Girls Club, Memphis Boys and Girls Club, as well as area churches, all of which have assisted the business in earnestly giving back to the community through its complimentary hair services.

“My personal mission is to make a difference by impact, impression, influence,” Crawley said.

For Crawley, her solid support system speaks volumes.

10543110_1284339038247563_1367053717_nIn establishing The Barber Institute, Crawley acknowledged that her childhood Sunday School teacher, her mother, the late Maurice Faye Hill, her brother, the late Lucian Jr., and her father, Lucian Hill Sr., all played an integral role in helping make her long-awaited dream a reality.

“My Sunday School teacher, Sister Bouie, told me I had the hands of a beautician at the age of 14,” Crawley explained. “My mom always encouraged me to put God first. She was my first client and helped me build my clientele as well as groomed my character spiritually and professionally. When I enrolled in Vo-Tech, I wanted to take food services, but my brother encouraged me to choose another path and I did. My dad inspired me by always telling me to be encouraged no matter the test, challenge or trial. He’s a carpenter by trade and helped me to transform my dream into a reality.”

And then are her precious ones, those whom have impacted her life unlike anyone else — her children.

“Brittney, Taluhun and Darian have inspired me the most,” Crawley said. “Brittney was among my first 8 students and first graduating class. It is my desire to leave a legacy for my children and my children’s children.”

Tracey Crawley loves God.

Among the reasons is that she loves God.

She’s passionate about ministry.

Her reputation is such that she routinely displays a heart for people.

People from various walks of life.

That’s Tracey Lynn Crawley for you.

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