Tranea Prosser sharing godly wisdom through her new book, laughs as a comedian

TraneaDALLAS — Don’t get it twisted.

Tranea Prosser is a godly woman.

It’s just that Prosser, an accomplished comedian, is a godly woman who finds pleasure in routinely causing others to laugh.

Or in this day in time, inspiring others to laugh out loud (LOL).

“My business is to share the gift of laughter to those who are brave enough to receive it from a comedian,” Prosser explained during a recent interview with longtime journalist Andre Johnson.

A 52-year-old Austin, Texas native, Prosser has proven not to be one dimensional through her gifts and talents. She’s also a rising author who recently released a book entitled, Celibacy: What Was I Thinking?

TraneaA newly-released book in which Prosser shares humorous antics and personal experiences, this author also explores the notion of sexual abstinence, thus giving the world a newfound perspective on this ever-so-touchy subject. “Celibacy: What Was I Thinking?” is available for purchase at,, and at Barnes&

“As an author, it is just to encourage you to stay true to yourself and your commitment to God for the gifts and talents that he has given you stewardship over,” Prosser said in elaborating on her book.

As for the wacky and humorous side of this talented, vibrant woman of faith, whenever Prosser is entertaining an audience, regardless of the size of the crowd, it’s safe to assume she’s undoubtedly in her element.

That, after all — at least for this devout woman of faith — also has a Biblical angle connected to it.

Consider: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones,” as God’s manual enlightens us, according to Proverbs 17:22.

To her credit, Prosser — despite whatever obstacles come her way — is destined daily to view situations and circumstances from God’s perspective.

Even if means going out her way to bring others — and herself — to laughs.

“I like the results of my labor by looking at my audience and they are just relaxed and having a ball laughing with me,” Prosser said. “It keeps me motivated and I know everybody can’t do it. Yes I know some people have the ability to be funny, but they won’t get in front of people.”

Which, by all accounts, is what makes telling jokes — err, clean jokes, mind you — a gift, of sorts.

Tarnea2“That alone takes a tremendous amount of confidence and boldness,” Prosser explained. “Plus, I make it a life practice to laugh every day. I find a funny side to everything I see and most of the stuff I read. It is encouraging to hear people tell me how much they enjoyed me after the event.”

All of which is why Prosser hinted that she has no plans of doing away with enhancing and continuing a unique gift with which God has blessed her.

If nothing else, she devises ways daily to put on display her talents as a comedian, particularly before those who don’t merely know her.

Or those who don’t have the slightest idea that she can woo and ignite a crowd through comedy.

In other words, don’t sleep on Prosser, this rising standout of a comedian whose track record is such that she has what it takes to draw rave reviews by inspiring others to chuckle.

Chuckle early and often.

“(I entertain) all ages, but the ones who can really relate to my comedy are those ages 40 to 99,” said Prosser, who has been a professional comedian since 2008 after delving off into the industry back in 2000. “I once had a guy tell me after hearing one of my comedy clips that it was funny and he was a recovering Catholic. I said, ‘That’s what I’m after.’ It’s not about being black or female or bashing denominations. It’s just funny stuff that happens at church. That’s how my comedy started…from stories from my kids, because I taught Sunday School.”

As for upcoming engagements and public appearances, Prosser will be doing comedy at a retirement party in March and has a book signing scheduled for March 5 at the Take 190 West Arts Festival in Killeen, Texas.

By and large, Prosser said her primary focus is to continue carrying out the purpose for which she was created.

Tarv“When I created my first comedy project, Back At Ya Lord, I had a vision to have clean comedy that could be played on the radio and people would not have to hear bleeping nor would parents have to turn down the radio nor hold their children ears,” Prosser said. “That was my desire and intent.”

So far, she seems to be generating favorable results, while continuing to do a masterful job through her gifts and talents in the process.

So don’t get it twisted.



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  1. Tranea, I loved it! You are indeed a phenomenal woman and I agree….simply innocently hilariously funny! I’m happy to see you are still on a mission to bring laughter to the church! I gotta have your books in my collection. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with the world. GOD BLESS!

  2. Hello Tranea, I enjoyed your article. Keep moving forward we truly need to laugh more often. Thank you for the laughter it does my soul good.

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