Philadelphia-area Pastor Dr. Ansy Dessources having a vital impact in ministry, rising author

AnsyDr. Ansy Dessources’s reputation is such that he is one who routinely keeps it real.

Take for instance, the well-publicized hoopla surrounding his book, “Life Without A Father: Fathering A Fatherless Generation.”

A 120-page project that was officially released in December 2014, “Life Without A Father: Fathering A Fatherless Generation” depicts, among other things, the real life issues society faces in this continuous, downtrodden crisis, thus provides in-depth, thought-provoking Biblical solutions on how to approach this ever-so-growing trend.


Simply put, Dr. Dessources gives his real life experiences and pastoral insights in this informative and authentic writing, as mentioned on, one of the sites where his books are sold.

In essence, “Life without a father will change the way you see this fatherless generation forever,” Dr. Dessources acknowledges.

ChurchA longtime pastor and devoted pillar to the Body of Christ, Dr. Dessources is the founder and Senior Pastor of Healing Center Community Church in Levittown, Pennsylvania. Along with companion, Sherline L. Dessources, they are founders of Ansy Dessources Ministries.

A native of Haiti, Dr. Dessources and his family moved to the United States in the late 1990s. Long before arriving to the states, though, Dr. Dessources had embraced his calling to the ministry.

BookA gospel preacher since the tender age of 21, Dr. Dessources is deemed a “cutting edge energetic speaker” who has a passion to fulfill the “Great Commission” that God gave to His disciples — which was go into the world and make disciples of all people.

To his credit, Dr. Dessources has a heart for those who do not know Jesus. His gifts and track record in ministry, by all accounts, are evident and, by his fruits, he is anointed with the Holy Spirit.

Many who have followed his ministerial prowess can greatly attest that all of it is manifested through miracles, prophetic gifts and the power of God that is being shown through his worship and preaching.


“God is using Dr. Dessources’ voice to break the chains that are biding people today by teaching them to declare the freedom that is a gift for those who called Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior,” according to spokesperson who is affiliated with Healing Center Community Church, located at 200 Penn Avenue in Levittown.

Moreover, Dr. Dessources has ministered in different countries, and he is a voice God is using to reach not only in America, but all over the world. Dr. Dessources is also the author of “Destiny a Living Miracle.”


Book2“Destiny a Living Miracle” a story about Dr. Dessources and a family that attended Healing Center Community Church. Generally, they stood against the death sentence whereby a doctor reports to see a baby named Destiny, who ironically had come into the world to fulfill her destiny.

By and large, they didn’t lose hope when the family and experts turn against their faith, in large part because they believed to see the promises of God fulfilled.

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    I am blessed to have pastor Dr Ansy Dessources as my pastor, I am a blessed woman.

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