Author Joy Jallah impacting lives through her book, “The Foundation Of A Christian Marriage”

JoyJoy Jallah is undoubtedly armed with an assortment of aspirations.

Aspirations of maximizing her potential daily.

Aspirations of esteeming others highly than herself.

Aspirations of broadening her horizon and embracing new challenges.

Aspirations of someday becoming someone’s wife.

A good, supportive, loving wife, that is.

So much so that even for a 31-year-old single woman, she thought it necessary to assemble a project from which married couples can benefit.

Joy2A native of Monrovia Liberia in West Africa, Jallah, who current resides in Hagerstown, Maryland, is co-author (Augustine Acheampong) of the book, “The Foundation Of A Christian Marriage.”

“It brings healing and miracles in the lives of others,” Jallah told News Reporter Andre Johnson on Monday. “It restores lives. It can relate to the lives of others.”

Officially published and released for sale sometime in late 2014, “The Foundation Of A Christian Marriage” is a 66-page book that highlights, among other things, the benefits and essentials of basking in the glow of a Christian marriage, or a God-mandated union, if you will.

According to Jallah — also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, visionary, artist, poet, video producer and minister — amongst the key points of emphasis about which she revealed pertaining to her debut book is that the foundation of a Christian marriage is one of a kind, or unique in its own right.

“I’ve read so many marriage books,” said Jessica, one buyer of the book explained in a review at “But this one has helped me to understand how to build my relationship in a very godly way. I will truly recommend it for anyone who is looking to build or save his or her relationship.”

Moreover, Jallah has stressed that her book is, by all accounts, an attractive, appealing one, particularly for couples who are ready to “find true love and be found by true love.”

Joye“This book is a must have, (one that will inspire one) to be ready to be found by the love of your life,” Jallah said. “The book gives tools to not be fooled by the counterfeit, but to recognize true love, and to have it for the rest of your life.”

And never mind that this author and President of Joyfully Publishing Company isn’t married.

At least for now.

At the end of the real day, she still boasts lofty aspirations of someday becoming someone’s wife.

That, after all, practically explains the purpose for this compelling book.


“While writing the book, I was single and I got engaged and love (of my life) found me and I captured love,” Jallah said. “And my story of being found is truly a story of recovery.”

This, as a result, had inspired her to offer a few words of encouragement to those who are clinging to aspirations of someday engaging in marital bliss.

“You too my friend will find love and love find will you,” she said. “Sooner than you think.”

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