Hillcrest High senior Cederia Scullark figures to leave mom in tears this weekend

sssAround midday Thursday, Keisha Webb shared a post on her Facebook page.

She used just two words, both of which essentially jumpstarted an array of likes and favorable comments.

Webb’s shared posted was accompanied by the message: “My baby!”

eeeAnd just like that, the comments directed toward Webb’s daughter, Cederia K. Scullark, immediately began to blanket and swarm her social media page, spirited remarks from, “Tell her I said congratulations!”

To, “Congrats! She is beautiful…great job Cederia and Ms. Keisha!”

To Scullark herself having responded in rather stunned amazement, “OMG! I really don’t know what to say, but thank you so much!”

By and large, Webb deemed it necessary to pay homage to her daughter in some kind of unique, loving way, in large part because, well, because with God, her Helper leading the way, she has been blessed to raise Scullark in a loving, unique way.

rrrWhich, as a result, is why in News Reporter Andre Johnson’s Second Annual Salute To Graduates Tributes, Webb undoubtedly will be amongst hundreds of parents and loved ones shedding tears of joy when her child’s name is called to receive her high school diploma Sunday during Memphis Hillcrest High School’s commencement exercises.

“I am so proud of my baby,” Webb said.

lolAmongst the reasons is that leading to her much-anticipated senior year, Scullark had seemingly become a popular, admirable classmates with her peers.

For starters, she was a member of the school’s cheerleading squad.

llllMost importantly, she had proven to be just as focused and assertive and committed in the classroom, having amassed a cumulative grade point average that soared pass 3.0.

For her valiant efforts, it’s off to embracing college life in the coming months.

According to Webb, her daughter has decided to stay home and attend Southwest Tennessee Community College, but will ultimately finish her educational endeavors at the University of Memphis.

Yes, finally, Scullark’s grandest cheerleader is not only witnessing before her eyes her “baby” growing up but, above all, she is just days away from unleashing some well-deserved tears of joy in the process.

Talk about a forthcoming milestone for the ages.

dddTalk about a hardworking mother who’s once again savoring the fruits of her labor.

Talk about a high school senior who, like many who bombarded her mother’s Facebook page, was left in complete awe on midday Thursday.

“OMG! I really don’t know what to say, but thank you so much,” Scullark said to her mother.

A “thank you” that, given what’s about to unfold on Sunday, couldn’t have come at a better time.

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