Memphis author Catherine Walls sells out to God, then writes two compelling books

“Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow Me.” (Luke 9:23 New International Version)


FB_IMG_14350328481611If nothing else, Catherine M. Walls made it a point to become guilty of heeding the voice of God.

It all unfolded, all unraveled, all came full circle some two decades ago.

Walls, at the time, was in her mid-20s and, for someone who had been raised primarily in a non-Christian-based environment, of sorts, she still sensed it was time to finally connect with her spiritual identity, if you will.

“It was one of the first scriptures God had given me when I started my journey with Him 20 years ago,” Walls told News Reporter Andre Johnson during a recent interview. “I did not have a church background, didn’t know the scripture, but I was ready to serve and witness for Jesus.”

FB_IMG_14350328121251To her credit, her newfound love for Christ ultimately gave way to the peace and comfort and spiritually stability she so desperately needed to weather and conquer arguably one of the most disheartening, yet downtrodden encounters of her young life.

That’s because at the time, Walls explained, she was in the midst of suffering through a broken relationship, one that was mired by selfishness and verbal abuse, among other things, as she recalls.

Unfortunately, it was one that eventually landed her in divorce court.

20160613_2128301“I went straight into what I call a void marriage,” Walls, founder of Ministry For Real Life, explained. “A marriage that was void of love, communication, sex, and sharing. “He was not a bad man, just not the man I was supposed to marry. There was the sudden stress of struggling financially. Depression set in and soon after that came the anxiety, panic attacks, voices and hallucinations and really bad insomnia.”

All in all, it was due in large part to Walls’ tumultuous, yet apparent chaotic past that ultimately fueled her desire to delve off into the world of authorship.

Today, Walls, 45 is a rising authoress, having already written one compelling book with a second one currently in the works.

Her first book entitled, “Catherine And Her Cross,” was released in October 2012 and, to her credit, has benefitted not just he, but those whose share a similar checkered past as her.

FB_IMG_1466979292190As Walls explained, “Catherine And Her Cross” was produced largely to enlighten her reading audience of her life-changing testimonies in which he battled through broken relationships and the physically and mental challenges and breakdowns that ensued as a result of it.

In essence, Walls’ debut book greatly enabled her to seek and, most of all, make peace with Almighty God.

Her second book, which is entitled, “Getting To Know God: From Verse To Verse,” is expected to be released sometime in September, she said.

Just like “Catherine And Her Cross,” Walls forthcoming project also will be available for purchase at and Kindle.

FB_IMG_1466952981538-1In reciting the Apostle Paul’s familiar letter to member so of the Roman church Walls acknowledged that it was her unyielding faith and trust in her Creator that greatly helped shape the overall landscape of her life thus mightily enabled her to become an influential figure to others whose faith has been tried and tested.

“I had to trust and believe God,” Walls said. “I stayed in church, learned scriptures, stayed in prayer and kept the faith. Because I knew there was more to it than what I been seeing in what I call church goers.”

As far as Walls was concerned, she wanted more of church than just attending midweek and Sunday services.

“I didn’t just go to church,” she said, “I fell in love with Jesus, got filled with the Holy Ghost and got to know God. I tried God concerning His word and that’s where Book No. 2 came from.”

The rest, as they say is history.

Today, unlike never before, Walls, a 1989 Memphis Westwood High graduate, not only has completely sold out to God, but her books are likely to have a massive impact on people from various walks of life.

Just like God.

“Oh, but God,” Walls said. “When I tell people this testimony, I say that it was the worst thing and the best thing that could ever happen to me because it transformed my life.”

All because she made it a point to become guilty of heeding the voice of God.

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