Maria Simpson making considerable progress in short time span with Total Life Changes

kkkkkAs far as climbing the ladder to success goes, Maria Simpson knows a thing or two about such an upward trend.

Take, for instance, the considerable progress Simpson has made in such a brief span as an affiliate of Total Life Changes.

A native of the Dominican Republic, Simpson joined the thriving, booming, universally-acclaimed dietary supplement company just last year. However, given the immense strides she’s executed in recent months, it’s safe to assume she’s destined to make her presence felt.

Come to think of it, she already has.

One minute, it seemed she had adopted the spectators’ approach, meaning she wasn’t as hands on, in large part because she was a newcomer to TLC.

Earlier this month, she was anointed Executive Director of this successful business, one that undoubtedly has savored a global presence and impact for some time.

cccccNot bad for TLC newcomer who, just a few weeks ago, had been installed as Director.

“Very excited! I’m very excited,” Simpson told longtime News Reporter Andre Johnson in a telephone interview Tuesday after from Pembroke Pines, Florida. “I’m excited that I can motivate and help as many people on a daily basis to live a healthy lifestyle.”

To her credit, Simpson’s rise as Executive Director emerged in large part because of the influence of her son, Jeffrey Simpson, Jr. One of the tops lead of TLC’s Supreme Team, Jeffrey Simpson sometime last year was able to convince his mother to join Total Life Changes.

aaaaLike him, she has since become a fixture for this remarkable company, which utilizes internet marketing strategies to offer a wide range of oils, skin care items, teas, and liquid solutions.

One Total Life Changes product is specifically popular. That product is called Iaso Tea.

According to an Iaso Tea review by one consumer, she said, “I’m going to discuss the benefits of Iaso tea and describe why some people call it a “miracle” tea.”

Moreover, Iaso Tea is one of an assortment of products in the “Iaso” lineup.

bbbbIn addition, Iaso is a trademarked term possessed by Total Life Changes. In a nutshell, when consumers browse through items at the TLC website, they will ultimately discover Iaso multivitamin supplements, Iaso liquid solutions, and Iaso organic mixtures, notable, life-enhancing products that has greatly allowed Maria Simpson to have an immediate impact as a TLC affiliate.

Early and often.

xxxxxx“My son has been my inspiration because was an ambassador for the company,” said Maria Simpson who, along with her family, moved to the United States in 1970. “I’m under him, the Supreme Team.”

Aside from the customary mother-and-son bond, Maria Simpson admittedly has thoroughly embraced a global company that will surely benefit her life — for the rest of her life.

“My goals for the rest of the (calendar) year is to grow and to help people the best way I can,” said Maria Simpson.

While putting on display the same signature smile she had when her beloved son first informed her about TLC.


gggggFor more information about Total Life Changes Executive Director Maria Simpson, follow her on Facebook under “Maria Simpson.”

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