Mid-South author Linette King is as good as advertised with 12 books in eight months

Linette King versus Linette King.

As far as competition goes, particularly in the notable world of authorship, that is the strategic mindset King routinely exemplifies as it pertains to achieving her customer services goals and objective, thus maximizing her potential.

aaaa“I never compete with anyone when I write,” King told News Reporter Andre Johnson during an interview earlier this week. “I use it as an escape. The only person I want to be better than is the person I was yesterday.”

In a rather intriguing, yet ongoing quest to masterfully outdoing herself daily, it’s safe to assume that given the immense strides she’s made as a young author, King undoubtedly has been nothing short of impressive.

Having established strong ties as a fixture for True Glory Publications, King is an up-and-coming writer who has authored and published 12 books, with three on deck for editing.

Who would have thunk it?

aaaaaaaaaWho would have thought that at the tender age of 25, much less as a single mother of three children ranging in ages of four, three, and one, that King could somehow manage to put off writing a dozen books in such a short timeframe?

As far as this Moss Point, Mississippi native is concerned, it doesn’t matter, really, who sensed she couldn’t possibly stage such a monumental tasks as composing multiple books.

“I love the feeling of peace that engulfs my body when I write,” explained King, sounding every bit like the devoted, passionate author for which she is widely known. “It’s like I’ve created a world for the enjoyment of others.”

And for her astounding efforts and contributions, it seemed her peers and colleagues have commenced to embracing her immense skills as a young, assertive author.

aaaaaaaaaaaaHer latest book, entitled, “My Sister, Our Man,” is a collaboration project with which King co-authored with her pen sister, Nicole Jackson, a Memphis-based author who has composed and published 20 books in a span of two years.

This project, by all accounts, depicts the lifestyles of twin sisters, both of whom played men all of their lives until one grew weary of “the game,” King explained. “They decide to date separately only to find out they’re dating the same guy,” King continued.

“My Sister, Our Man” was birthed from King’s “Addicted To Him Series” because, according to her, “People love drama and there’s always something happening in this series.”

All of her books can be purchased on Amazon.com or ebooks.com, whether electronically or paperback.

As if her latest series isn’t impressive enough, King essentially is a newcomer, of sorts, to the authorship industry, given she began writing professionally in November 2015.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Twelve books down, three on the brink of editing, with her best and brightest days well ahead of her.

“There are so many people that doubt themselves because of their circumstances,” King said. “But I try to encourage people to follow their dreams. We live in a world where people are quick to tell you that you can’t (do something) or give you a reason why you shouldn’t (be doing something), but I’m not going to be that person. I say go for it.”

Which, to her credit, is exactly what she’s doing.

Linette King versus Linette King.

Can it get any better than that?

Heck no.

No it can’t, as far as she is concerned.

qqqqq“Whatever you want to do, just go for it and give it your all, because to me, you only truly fail when you don’t try,” King said.

Looking ahead, King said she has one public event scheduled for the end of month during which she will be afforded the golden opportunity of promoting her books.

In the meantime, though, her primary emphasis is to continue to write and inspire others in the process.

“The odds were stacked against me, but I beat them,” King said. “If you don’t get nothing else from this story, I want you to know that anything is possible because impossible is nothing. Never let anyone limit you. You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself.

“Invest in yourself first,” King continued. “I know it’s hard and tiring to work and go home to parenting, but think about all the time you spend at work helping someone else build their dream. There’s no way you should go home and sleep on yours.”

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