Aspiring Memphis rapper Ashlee Edwards: ‘I’ve got to get myself out there’

received_1568566373158160Ashlee NiCole Edwards earlier this week went on and on about her memorable, sometimes challenging upbringing.

To get credit, it’s safe to assume she’s been taught to embrace the favorable and unfavorable times.

“My childhood has been great so far,” Edwards hold longtime journalist Andre Johnson during an exclusive interview. “My mom loves to travel and so do her children. We have visited many places. My favorite was New York City in 2010. I am still a kid at heart and love to play at the park and with my baby sister. Family is first.”

Not only does Edwards, a 15-year-old rising sophomore, understands the vital notion of just how significant family life is but, fortunately for her, it is the solid and unyielding support of her family that has greatly enabled her to maximize her potential, thus broaden her horizon.

A native Memphian, Edwards is an aspiring entertainer who boasts lofty aspirations of sharing her musically-inclined talents and gifts with the world.

Some day. Sooner than later. She hopes.

“I love to entertain,” said Edwards, wasting little time cutting straight to the point about an endeavor by which she has dreamt for some time now.

And entertaining, it seems, essentially has become a way of life for her.

For starters, Edwards has been afforded such golden opportunities of appearing in local commercials and accepting invitations to partake in fashion shows, even the movie, “Grace Card.”

All while treating people with whom she crosses paths with dignity and respect.

“My personal motto in life,” Edwards said, “is: Treat others you want to be treated.”

Oh…there’s another one.

“And if you don’t try, you will never know,” Edwards said.

Surely, an array of the life lessons for which Edwards has been taught have been instilled in her by her mom, Patrece Edwards, and her late father, who passed away when she was three years old.

Although she has enjoyed much success in her brief on the entertainment circuit, Ashlee Edwards admittedly misses the biggest of her life’s missing pieces.

Boy…if only her father was here to witness just how much his daughter has grown and matured and, well, journey through life daily harboring and living up to her two meaningful mottos.

“Words can’t describe how much I miss my dad,” Ashlee Edwards said. “A loss like that… the pain and sadness can only be felt. I was only three when my dad passed, but I feel his presence because of the love from his other children, my sister and brothers. My dad made sure to make us understand and know how he loved us and instilled that same love in us to have for each other.”

Having adopted the dazzling, rather befitting, catchy stage name of The REAL Ashlee NiCole, this young, thriving, adventurous kid doesn’t shy away from the notion that she’s carrying a lot of father’s qualities and attributes around with her virtually daily.

received_1568566383158159Heck, she’d be the first to admit that, too.

“I am carrying out my father’s legacy through my music by showing the world I am not afraid of it and I am not afraid to go for what I want in life,” Ashlee Edwards explained. “He was never afraid. I do miss his physical presence, but I see him daily in my determination and in the mirror.”

Now, fortunately for her, the local media is starting to take into account her brilliantly unique talents as an aspiring entertainer, although Ashlee Edwards has yet to meet any big name rappers in this ever-so-popular industry.

“I love and rep my city,” she said. “But I’ve got to get myself out there and me seen, so I can come back home and do shows and help the people of my hometown.”

The came her subsequent roll call of Memphis entertainers after whom she seems destined to follow.

“Gotti, K. Michelle, 36 (Triple Six Mafia), I’m coming behind them…The REAL Ashlee NiCole.

“REAL doesn’t mean that other Ashlee NiColes are fake,” Ashlee Edwards continued. “It just means that behind the little caring, loving, giving, sweet person I am, I can cut you with my words.”

All while steadfastly treating others the way she wants to be treated.

You know, just as her loving, supportive parents have always taught her.

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