Dinner Dates Catering CEO La’Shambriel “Sham” Poore following in footsteps of mother, grandmother

13907041_1570425716305559_3227038507527010639_nDuring her days as a prep athlete at Hollandale (Mississippi) High School, La’Shambriel “Sham” Poore was widely known for her valiant contributions as a softball standout.

In addition, she assumed the role as a statistician for the school’s varsity baseball team.

13934607_1570425762972221_977811556903627019_nAs Poore tells it, it was in large because her competitive drive through sports that greatly fueled her desire to delve off into the world of entrepreneurialship.

Luckily for the 30-year-old Hollandale, Miss. native, she’s diligently holding her own, thus finding her niche as a rising business owner.

An accomplished, crafty cook who acquired a majority of her cooking skills and mechanics from her mother and grandmother, Poore is owner and chief executive officer of Dinner Dates Catering, an up-and-coming business she established, well…let’s just say that her venture has been around for quite some time.

“My personal mission for doing this work is to utilize my God-given talents by providing clients excellent food, outstanding professionalism and dynamic customer service,” Poore told longtime journalist Andre Johnson during an exclusive interview over the weekend.

13934798_1570425792972218_1655630151805873514_nAnd to her credit, Poore’s cooking repotorie has afforded her golden opportunities to put her skills on display in a variety of places across the country, most notably Houston, Dallas, Gulfport, Mississippi, and New Orleans, just to name a few.

Given the considerable progress she’s exemplified, coupled with the newfound media exposure she’s starting to attract, it’s safe to assume that Dinner Dates Catering’s best and brightest days undoubtedly are on the horizon — a trend that customarily brings Poore to smiles.

13886437_1570425822972215_7616135745460348611_nThank God for ma and grandma.

“Both my mother and grandmother inspired me to cater,” Poore said.

Arguably the biggest reasons Poore labeled it befitting to walk in her mother’s footsteps is because she currently owns and manages  “Grown Woman Catering,” a longstanding business that’s located in the Mississippi Delta and has been in operations for nearly past two decades.

“(I’m)) following in her footsteps, from traveling catering, to preparing meals for celebrities,” Poore said. “(Her business) motivates me to take my business to the highest possible level. As you can see, I am a product of a great line of Southern Chefs.”

Like her mother’s credible business, Dinner Dates Catering offers it services for an assortment of occasions, especially birthday parties, baby showers, and weddings, Poore said.

FOLLOWING SHAM ON SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.facebook.com/sham.poore?fref=ts.

In addition, Poore said she planned food tasting event she will be hosting is currently in the works.

“I also do traveling catering, meal preparation, complete dinner preparation, healthy alternatives, dinner plates, vegan dishes, as well as single orders,” Poore said.

A 2003 graduate of Hollandale High, Poore advanced her education at nearby Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi, where she earned Delta State University Cleveland,       where she declared a double major, having earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Management and General Business Administration.

13921046_1570425849638879_2934112887247159769_nAlso, she earned a master’s degree in Organizational Management in February 2014, while majoring in Human Resources Management.

“It is imperative that I esteem and inspire others daily because I want everyone to fulfill all of their dreams and become extremely successful throughout their lifetime,” Poore said. “I pray that everyone becomes the best versions of themselves they can possibly be.”

Something about which her mother and great grandmother instilled in her.

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