MID-SOUTH RECRUITING: Early High athlete Abe Morris aiming to have Texas-size impact in final season

DALLAS — You wanna see Joy Darnell Morris display her customary signature smile?

imageAsk her about the football heroics of her son, Abe Morris.

“I knew Abe would be great at football at a young age from watching him play with his uncles, Jeremy and Jason,” Joy Morris told Sports Journalist Andre Johnson during a recent interview. “His father, Scott, and I signed him up for tackle football in the first grade.”

Eleven years removed from having suited up in a competitive football uniform for the first time, Abe Morris hasn’t shown any signs that he plans to slow down any time soon.

If nothing else, the Early (Texas) High senior athlete – who also has emerged as standout on the baseball diamond – admittedly is making a strong case that he’s destined to put his immense skills on display at the collegiate level.

STOCK RISING? According to a source with close ties to the Early (Texas) High football program, TCU has Abe Morris under its radar.

STOCK RISING? According to a source with close ties to the Early (Texas) High football program, TCU has Abe Morris under its radar.

With only one game into the season for an Early team that is 0-1 and is looking to recover from last year’s 2-8 finish, Abe Morris realizes such a golden opportunity undoubtedly awaits him as long as he continues to put forth a valiant effort as a student athlete.

“They will be getting a player with a lot of heart and determination,” said Abe Morris, when asked what kind of player would college scouts and recruiters inherit in the event he inks a National Letter of Intent.

So far, at least one school has placed the 6-foot-1, speedy 188-pound athlete under its radar.
According to a source with close ties to the Early football program, Texas Christian University (TCU) has expressed interest in Abe Morris, the catalyst of the upstart Longhorns.

With more considerable progress in what figures to be a breakthrough season for the talented wide receiver/outside linebacker, the possibility exists that more schools would come calling, something about which Abe Morris had envisioned ever since he made his debut on varsity three years ago.

image“I’m not finished yet,” Abe Morris said. “I’m planning on doing some awesome things.”
Amongst the reasons Abe Morris is clinging to a wealth of confidence is that partakes in routine workouts, sometimes as much as twice a day, he said.

In addition, he’s hopeful that scouts will come to recognize his strengths, which includes his ability to exhibit favorable field vision and his aggressiveness as it pertains to reading defenses and making a tackles.

As for this mechanics on the offensive side of the ball, Abe Morris acknowledged he must do a better job of fine-tuning his ability to run routes to free himself up from opposing defenders.

“I work hard,” Abe Morris said. “I work on drills and my fast feet (skills) every day.”
Without question, Joy Darnell Morris can attest firsthand that her son is doing the essential things to make a favorable impression upon scouts and recruiters.

“His coach, Ken Edwards, said he is a natural (athlete) and follows instructions well,” she said. “He has taught Abe to play every position.”

Which, as a result, is amongst the biggest reasons Abe Morris is destined to beef up his recruiting stock in this, his final prep season.

“I was so excited to see how great he was at it,” said Joy Darnell Morris, alluding to when her son first picked up a football. “When I watch Abe, I am so proud and amazed at his talent. It’s awesome to hear the whole crowd cheer for your son. Abe lives for football and is striving to be better.”

Abe Morris earlier this week wasted little time echoing such an assessment.

“I love football with a passion,” he said. “My coaches and parents are by biggest inspiration. They always push me to do my best at every thing I do.”

This year is no exception.

Something about which no one has to tell him more than once.


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