Roz Davis’ ExoticShotz&Treatz inspiring Mid-South party poopers to ‘turn up’

Instead of you and all of your peeps customarily having to arrange and setup things for parties and other planned social gatherings, how ‘bout to you allow Roz Davis call the shots.

ooooooooooooooooooooLiterally and figuratively.

“Sometimes, people don’t do the club or bar scene,” Davis told longtime journalist Andre Johnson during an exclusive interview on Wednesday. “You can relax in the comfort of your own home or a girls’ night out and enjoy treats.

ooooYou got that right.

A native of Oakland, California, Davis — widely known as “The Original Shot Lady” — is owner and chief executive officer ExoticShotz&Treatz, unique, compelling, all things beverage shot business that could turn a rather boring, dry setting into a party-filled, festive one.

ggggHow else to explain why you ought to sit back, relax, take it easy and, you know…let Davis call the shots.

For real, y’all.

Given her immense track record as a professional hostess, Davis, this well-established party pooper knows exactly what she’s doing, particularly as it pertains to which alcoholic beverages she senses would create and spice up the ideal party environment.

jjjjSo what else should we know about Davis, a Memphis Wooddale High graduate who also runs her Brazilian Hair By Roz business?




“I create new drinks and shots, and I cater birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and fun parties.”

“I give back to the community by assisting with marketing ideas on how to grow businesses.”

“(My exotic drinks) are great picker uppers after a long and stressful work week.”

“I love putting smiles on faces and helping my clients to relax.”

“Sometimes, people don’t do the club or bar scene. So they can relax in the comfort of their own home or a girls’ night out and enjoy treats from ExoticShotz&Treatz.” — Roz Davis

Spoken like a true, Mid-South-area business professional, one who doesn’t mind calling the shots.

Literally and figuratively.


wwwFor more information about Roz Davis, or to book her for an event, contact her via Instagram:@creativeexoticshotzandtreatz. Also, follow and like her business Facebook page under:Creative Exotic Shotz&Treatz.

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