Accomplished author and life coach Latifah Hameen defies toughest of odds, impacts lives through her books and speeches

aaDALLAS — Overcomer.





By and large, these are just a few terms to describe the kind of person Latifah Ameenah Hameen in recent years.

bbbA native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Hameen, like all of us, have endured her share of heartaches, heartbreaks, hang-ups, letdowns, disappointments…the list goes on and all.

But just as God’s manual reminds us, according to Romans 8:37, Hameen is one who, to her credit, has proven time and again that she’s more than a conqueror through Him Who loves us.

In fact, for someone who essentially has used life’s toughest of hurdles and obstacles as a life-changing platform, of sorts, as it pertains to maximizing her potential and exemplifying unwavering faith, Hameen ultimately persevered in such a way that she has appropriately evolved unlike never before — to the point at which she is walking in her destiny and the divine purpose for which God has created her.

Even at the tender age of 60, Hameen, who currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, a Certified Self-Talk Trainer, Educator, as well as an a poet and public speaker.

As if that’s not enough to turn heads, Hameen is an accomplished author, considering she’s been afforded the golden opportunity of having composed an unprecedented six books.

Unprecedented in that Hameen has greatly defied the greatest of odds.

All of which — you guessed it — sums up why she is deemed a person who’s an:







41hijrj5fl-_sx331_bo1204203200_“My personal mission in doing this work is giving back to the community,” Hameen, during a recent exclusive interview with longtime journalist Andre Johnson, said of her assortment of professional roles. “It’s (about) sharing my story of coming from abuse and being broken to freedom, triumph and rebuilding my life. I want others to see they can come from these struggles and still be successful in reaching their potential, passion and desired goals.”

By all accounts, Hameen’s passion for overcoming seemingly disheartening obstacles is just as prevalent and detailed in her latest book entitled, “Daring Moves: From Unhealthy Fears to Creating Healthy Relationship.”

cccReleased officially on August 26, 2016, according to, “Daring Moves: From Unhealthy Fears to Creating Healthy Relationship” will enlighten readers, particularly with regards to getting an understanding of inter-generational abuse and how shame plays a crucial role in it.

In addition, readers will witness Hameen’s daring moves and triumphs over abuse, she explains.

“I share the importance of values in the partner selection along with how they relate to the rules of life,” Hameen added. “I assist you in identifying unhealthy or abusive relationships and, in addition, provide strategies for forming and maintaining healthy relationship.”

That’s not she does in this dazzling, attention-grabbing project.

“I bring home the meaning of self-love, which is the first thing you strengthen, coupled with being happy with yourself,” Hameen explained. “My purpose in writing ‘Daring Moves’ is for you to walk away with knowledge on how you can come from unhealthy fears to creating healthy relationships and realize they can be rewarding, but require hard work, dedication and commitment to make them successful.”


As Hameen dauntlessly explained, there is a vital reason as to why she shares such stories and testimonials through her speeches and books.

“I have transformed my life from being steeped into domestic abuse for over 20 years,” Hameen explained. “In 2006, I realized how traumatized I was and decided to look at my life and see how abuse had taken over the greater part of it.”

All of which ultimately gave way to her writing her I then I wrote my first book entitled, “Suffering in Silence: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse.”

ppppUpon the release of her first book, she organized her non-profit organization called, “Healthy Positive Choices,” approximately a year later.
Amongst the reasons is that Hameen wanted to use her organization as a “preventative tool” to educate teens and adults on domestic violence awareness.

“I continued to transform myself and for the next nine years,” Hameen said.

That eventually led to her having produced five more books, all of which are available for purchase at

“Once I broke the cycle of abuse, it wasn’t over for me,” Hameen said. “I had my good and bad days working on myself for many years to become healthy and form healthy relationships.

zz“I know what it takes to form healthy relationships and I learn so much more each and every day about myself,” Hameen added. “I will continue to learn and teach other about positive, healthy relationships.”

Spoken like a true Overcomer.

Not to mention an inspiring woman of compassion who’s also described as:




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