#ChasingGreatness is a lifetime journey, not a one-time event


I like it.

I like it a lot.

It has an exceptional, marvelous ring to it.

It is a distinct correlation of one’s relentless pursuit of success, accompanied by one’s keen ability to diligently press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

It is an ongoing faith-based journey whereby we must stay rooted and grounded and committed to the lofty, monumental tasks that includes, among other things, achieving something great in life virtually daily for the rest of their lives — regardless of how bleak and chaotic and discomforting situations become, regardless of how much it seemed we’ve endured more personal defeats than wins, regardless of how much we’ve been mistreated, unjustifiably criticized and ridiculed and misunderstood, regardless of how difficult it is to declare and proclaim victory all because, well, victory seems farfetched.


What exactly is it?

imageAs many of you have asked, what exactly am I chasing?

As many of you have asked, at what point will I possess that after which I am diligently chasing?

As many of you have asked, how much chasing can one man do?

As many of you have asked, does it really take all of that?

imageAs always, my forthright response has been the same.


It takes all of that. And much, much more.

Because whether you know it or not, #ChasingGreatness, as far as I’m concerned, is comprised largely of an array of life’s essential ingredients as it pertains to fulfilling one’s destiny, all of which will ultimately give way to one’s ability to possess and savor the abundant life Jesus came to give us, all of which will eventually allow one to live and bask and dwell on the larger side of God.

imageBy and large, #ChasingGreatness isn’t merely a one-time event, as so many of my peers essentially have insinuated.

Rather, #ChasingGreatness is a daily, faith-based journey whereby we must earnestly strive to achieve something great with God, our Helper, leading the way.

In other words, #ChasingGreatness
is something of which we ought not steer clear, primarily because #ChasingGreatness is comprised largely of at least seven vital attributes:

  1. Seeking and consulting God daily for a sense of direction, regardless of whether your present situation or circumstances are favorable or unfavorable.
  2. Demonstrating the ability daily to maximize your potential by persevering toward long and short-term goals and ambitions.
  3. Striving daily to esteem (or enhance/add value to one’s life) others highly than yourself, as God’s manual specifically admonishes us, according to Philippians 2:3.
  4. Demonstrating the keen ability daily to bless those who spitefully use, curse, or persecute you, regardless of how uncomfortable or foolishness it makes you look because, truth be told, sometimes, it is necessary to look like a fool when exercising your faith.
  5. Devising ways daily to encourage the hearts of others, thus tell of God’s goodness through His life-enhancing word as well as through personal victories (or testimonies), as the psalmist suggest according to Psalm 105:1.
  6. Striving daily to establish a peaceful, wholesome environment with your fellow man and/or striving to resolve conflict with others from God’s perspective, as we are specifically reminded according to Romans 12:18 and, finally,
  7. Demonstrating the ability daily to maximize your potential by getting the most out of your day, by doing everything in your God-given power to accomplish at least one great thing every single day for the rest of your life.

So you see, #ChasingGreatness, as I’ve come to discover, has far more to do with reaching and accomplishing certain achievements and milestones and accolades. Because #ChasingGreatness, as I’ve come to know during my walk with Almighty God, isn’t merely a one-time event. Rather, it is a lifetime journey blanketed by greatness with God, my Helper, leading the way.

Which, as a result, begs the question:

Are you spiritually equipped and empowered to accomplish at least one great thing every single day for the rest of your life?

#Jeremiah29:11 #ChasingGreatness

ABOUT THE WRITER: Andre Johnson is a longtime journalist and the editor/publisher for MemphiSport. A 2000 graduate of the University of Memphis School of Journalism and a former reporter of sports for the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper, Johnson covers the NBA Southwest Division from Dallas, Texas. To reach Johnson, send email to: memphisgradute@yahoo.com. Also, follow him on Twitter @AJ_Journalist. 


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