Philadelphia-based businesswoman Ramona Gaines drawing international review reviews through her distinctly dazzling work

aaaaAll things considered, it’s safe to assume that Ramona M. Gaines is a woman of many hats.


In fact, Gaines’ extensive, commendable resume is indeed indicative of one who is destined to exercise her faith, thus maximize her potential daily.

For starters, Gaines is widely known as a:



Instructional Aide.






Public Speaker.


Radio Host.

ffffWhile her professional resume is, to her credit, indeed an attractive one, Gaines has steadfastly drawn rave reviews, particularly as an accomplished writer/publisher and businesswoman.

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gaines, 45, is chief executive officer and founder of a flourishing organization called, “Movement IS Medicine” which, as she tells it, “We share stories and we move.”

“Basketball was and is still the sport I loved the most,” Gaines, during a recent interview with longtime journalist Andre Johnson, said while drawing a distinctly unique comparison to sports and her competitive nature as a rising entrepreneur. “It taught me how to see the whole floor. In seeing the whole floor, it also taught me how to bounce the ball to where it was it needed to be to have the outcome that was necessary for us to win as a team.”

In her estimation, such an  analogy rings true as it relates to grasping her audience’s attention by way of writing and assembling a compelling piece to read.


cccc“With books, you have to work as a team in order for us all that are a part of the project to win,” Gaines said. “Win…meaning creating a timeless masterpiece that will live on long after we will.”

According to a spokesperson for, Movement IS Medicine — founded in July 2014 — is a compilation of “victorious” short stories about how a group of women allowed movement to be their medicine to help them get “unstuck.”

Interesting enough, these women share how they moved from fear to doubt to worry to mental, emotional, and physical abuse, even suicide, rape, molestation, low self-esteem and depression. Moreover, writers of Movement IS Medicine discovered that these courageous women share of how dealing with these issues helped them to embark on a journey to lose the inner weight.

“You will also see how they kept moving to drop their outer weight and reclaim their God-ordained lives back,” the spokesperson added. “It will make you want to get up and move something.”

According to one reader, who posted a rather favorable review of Gaines well-publicized work, the feedback read: “Awesome stories that captivate you and make you believe that you can do it too!”

Kudos to Gaines, the mastermind behind arguably a remarkably dazzling project that is seemingly starting to take on a national presence.

“I love the creative freedom,” said Gaines, explaining what she loves the most about being a professional writer/rising entrepreneur. “I love being trusted with other people’s stories and making sure that their truth gets told in their own words. That is very powerful for me. Many times in the African-American culture, things were orally passed down but not always written. Movement IS Medicine has the ability to be the oral history for so many African-Americans to now pass down to the next generation.”

In addition, Gaines said her books cater to women and men ranging in ages 16 and up.

rrrrrWhat’s even more astounding, she acknowledged, is that Movement IS Medicine is steadily becoming a fixture not just in the United States, but other parts of the globe.

How compelling for a progressive, thriving, energetic woman of color whom, according to many, is deemed a woman of many hats.

Given the immense strides she’s made in recent years, don’t expect that to change any time soon.

“Movement IS Medicine’s anthologies have traveled all over the world,” Gaines said. “We have writers that are local, national and even international. That’s pretty cool for something that only started four years ago.”

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