Memphis businesswoman Teka Doggett’s Teka’s Cookies sending the social media world into a massive sweet tooth frenzy

wThere’s no other way to put it.

Teka Doggett’s reputation is such that she is a self-proclaimed risk taker.

To her credit, she doesn’t seem to care who don’t like it.

rr“Being in an extracurricular activity helps with taking a risk in doing your best and being judged afterwards,” Doggett told longtime journalist Andre Johnson earlier this week during an exclusive interview. “Which reminds me of (my past) competition or being in jamboree.”

dDoggett is alluding in large part to her encounter as a junior high and high school majorette. It is, in fact, because of her competitive drive during regular jamboree competitions that has greatly fueled her lofty aspirations of delving off into entrepreneurship.

Given the immense strides she’s made in recent years, it’s safe to assume that Doggett is well on her way to evolving as a fixture amongst black businesses in the historic Memphis metropolitan and the surrounding areas.

A 35-year native Memphian and Hamilton High graduate, Doggett is owner of Teka’s Cookies, an up-and-coming venture that, earlier this week, sent her fellow social media account holders into a frenzy upon discovering her assortment of tasty, mouth-watering treats.

“Them cookies were so good…OMG….Yep, I’m placing another order soon,” wrote Memphis customer Demetric LaVette on Doggett’s Facebook timeline in the aftermath of savoring her baking products.

ew“Eating a cookie. Teka’s Cookies were gone within five minutes,” wrote Nykia White on Doggett’s page.

“Girl, I need some of these,” wrote Daisy Monroe in a post on Doggett’s timeline.

iuyAnd just like, the hoopla and rave reviews surrounding Teka’s Cookies continued to blanket Doggett’s timeline, thus gave way to a plethora of prospective customers craving for refreshments they sensed would complement their sweet tooth temperament.

544“My personal mission…I really don’t have one,” Doggett, who’s also a Mid-South-area licensed cosmetologist, said of having established her cookie business. “But I do, however, have God’s mission to fulfill, because that’s where my inspiration came from.”

All things considering, Doggett hinted at the notion that her vision for birthing Teka’s Cookies started with a dream, of sorts.

Well, kind of.

p“I  literally dreamed this idea,” Doggett explained. “I woke up and said out loud, ‘God you have jokes. How am I going to come up with all those flavors?’”

Fortunately for her, her Creator gave her the answer she diligently sought, thus provided her with detailed instructions as well as a slew of baking recipes.

Well, kind of.

“Needless to say, I got my answer even though I had to use family and friends as my guinea pigs while I perfect my recipes,” Doggett said with smile. “Sorry guys.”

And the rest, as they say, was history.

uA little more than 10 months removed from having made her baking repertoire public, Teka’s Cookies seem to have not only caught the social media by world by storm, but earlier this week, a prospective customer in Texas discovered her products on her Facebook page, then inquired about placing Christmas orders.

Make no mistake. Like her or not.

But homegirl, it seems, is about to blow up, in large part because her baking products can be shipped anywhere throughout the United States.

“I’ve been baking since I was a kid,” said Doggett, who very much appears as if she’s in her early 20s. “(Since my) Easy Baker oven days (LOL). I introduced my cookies to the public in December 2015 on my birthday.”

To her credit, she’s been nothing short of impression — this after God showed her that He wasn’t merely joking.

Well, kind of.

“Actually, this is imperative to me, because I like to show others when you obey God, the results are unimaginable,” Doggett said.

And there’s no other way to put it.

For more information about Teka’s Cookies or to place orders, call Teka Doggett at 901-834-5055. Also, follow her on Facebook under:

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