All I want for Christmas is a win

This year, the feeling of Christmas is getting to me. Maybe it’s the twinkling lights on the tree. Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of the shopping centers.

We all want that special gift under the tree. The questions is, do you deserve it ?

My Wish List… 

How about a new car: Not really 100% necessary now, but hey, this is a wish list right? Don’t know how much longer the old ’77 Ford Granada’s going to hold out. 

How about a new laptop, in case you were wondering, honey — it isn’t going to last forever.

 A new phone… do you know how infuriating it is to see so many people using their iphones with Skype and taking cool screenshots and I’m stuck with my dumb original cell? It’s just plain embarrassing walking around with this  thing.

How about a clean house.  I don’t want a cleaning service. I kind of have issues with people coming into my house. Just a clean house will do, thank you. Can’t show you pictures of that.

 The new 80” flat screen tv, awesome man, can you imagine watching Brady and the Pats.

Enough with the kidding around…

I just want to wish everyone and your entire families a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. May 2012 bring health and prosperity. A few wins for the Kings are welcome as well!

All the best.

Joe Sports

Now to the serious stuff…

Let’s just say it, the Kings are not good. This team is ground chuck to the Riverhawks T-Bone steak.

Are we going to get any help from the hockey Gods.  No I don’t think so, we could use help from the owner.

Last weekend was ???

The RiverKings were edged by the Augusta Riverhawks 3-2 on Friday night at the James Brown Arena.

Saturday didn’t turn out much better, the Kings were beaten again by the Hawks 4-2 in Augusta.

Hilariously enough, there just aren’t words to express what this season’s Kings are. Schizophrenic could be used.

Frustration has set in for the Kings faithful.

The Kings put on a half #@##@ performance against Augusta last weekend. It was gross, frankly.

The Kings were listless, lazy and just plain slow last weekend. No jump in their step. Seriously I could go on and on. But like I said last week, it’s not the players, it’s the coach, this team has no game plan. Last week’s games had zero intensity.

No powerplay, a leaky PK, just pathetic.

The games were slow, dull and excruciating to watch.(Did I spell that right?)

This season is going to be a long one. It ends at the end of the regular season. Unless???

Joe Sports thoughts…

Even when the Kings are playing well (now come on, they play well for about 15-20 minutes of a 60 minute game). In those 15-20 minutes I honestly believe it’s the opposition playing bad making the Kings look good.

What can we do?

I know, we are not going to fire anybody, just blame it on the players.

Maybe watch a video of Don Cherry’s rock em sock em hockey.

It is tough watching your team lose like this? – Definitely I don’t see things getting a lot better.

Again, my sense is the players have ceased buying (if they ever did) into Landmines theory on how to play the game.

After arriving home from the Spot last weekend, I went into the TV room at home around 1:15 am and started sipping a cold one.

I thought to myself Scotty Bowman or Toe Blake could squeeze Ws out of this lineup. I knew at that point , I had enough pops.

All I want for Christmas is a win!

 That’s the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.

Last week I got a lot of emails about my Quote “ This team is in Stinko-mode.”

Ok, I take that back, hockey fans. They are in Stinko-Stinko-mode.

That was the main topic of the emails I got, not one person questioned me about letting the coach and general manager go. The fans have spoken.

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Up next for the Kings

This Friday, December 23, the Louisiana IceGators come to town, game time at the DCC is at 7:05pm.

Game night

Standings – We are dead last.

Kings Notes:

Kings’s Mark Magnowski  was called upto the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees of the Central Hockey League.

Sich is gonso!!

Kalamazoo Wings of the ECHL have signed Sich. Now, was he let go by the Kings? Haven’t heard anything from the Kings office. But that  isn’t  strange, I get more of my info from friends and hockey forums. I know the Wings are desperate for players(callups,injuries)

Have a great Christmas and Holiday season. See you at the game on Friday.