Jerry Lawler: ‘I would be on board with any plan whatsoever to save the Coliseum’ (AUDIO)

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On Saturday,  Jerry “The King” Lawler was a guest on Memphis radio show Cerrito Live (Sports 56 WHBQ/87.7 FM). During the interview, “The King” and host Kevin Cerrito discussed a variety of different topics including the future of the Mid-South Coliseum.

Lawler said he is “on board with any plan whatsoever to save the coliseum” and believes that turning the historic venue into a Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum “could be a massive destination for people to come to if it was done right.”  Lawler also said he would be willing to donate some of his memorabilia to a Hall of Fame in Memphis.

Start at 12:57 mark for talk about putting the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Memphis:

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  3. Nice piece of work Jerry!

  4. I am not trying to upset anyone with my opinion on this, but it is a bad idea. I grew up watching wrestling too but for many of us that was years ago. A wrestling hall of fame would be cool to go to maybe once but after I saw it once, there would be no real need to go back. I just don’t think the long term interest would be there.Wrestling fans would go when it first opened and that would be it. To renovate the Coliseum for that, it would cost a lot of money and have to be sustainable. Outside of wrestling diehards, would there be much interest?

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