Sputtering Kings look to get back on track in 2012

Hope you all had a great Christmas and happy New Year.

On Friday, Dec. 23rd, the Kings doubled up on the Ice Gators 4-2 at the DCC. I got one of the things on my wish list early. A win.

But that was the end of the winning streak.

On Monday December 26th the Kings got spanked by Knoxville 5-1. Too much turkey in the Kings bellies, I expect.

On Tuesday December 27th, things did not get any better as Huntsville knocked off the Kings by a score of 5-3. Too much drink in the Kings bellies.

On Thursday the 29th of December Pensacola doubled up on the Kings 4-2. It takes a while for a Christmas hangover to go away. I’m just getting over mine now.

On Friday the 30th. The Ice Gators edged the Kings 3-2. See what did I tell you, it takes a while.

Saturday, New Years Eve, the Ice Gators did not show up at all, well they actually did, but not on their skates. Must have had too much bubbly after the win on Thursday. They were spanked by the Kings, yes you heard that right, they were spanked by the Kings 6-0.

It was a nice way to end the year. A win.YIPPIE !!

On Tuesday January the 3rd…YES YOU’RE HEARING IT RIGHT.


The Kings edged the SURGE 3-2 IN A SHOOT-OUT.

For the first time this season, Kings players actually got under the oppositions skin.

Now lets’ not get too excited, yes we have won two in a row, but folks, this is not a well coached hockey team. We got lucky Saturday, the Gators, were not even there. Tuesday, we won against a very weak Surge team in a shootout. But hey, I’ll take the two wins.

Joe Sports Thoughts…

Show me what you got Kings?

Sometimes all a team needs is a little effort, and things will turn around. Hopefully, that’s what happened Tuesday for the Kings.

I’ll give credit when credit is due. The effort was there on Tuesday. The Kings worked hard against the Surge. They were much more gritty, physical and active everywhere on the ice while giving the Surge few opportunities on our goal. The Surge only had 19 shots.

However, the problem, the Kings have is that they are pathetic on the power play. Again we were 0-for-5.

The team had FIVE power play chances on Tuesday, but all five of them were forgettable. The Kings’ power play unit has no rhythm or fluidity, and the Surge easily killed all five opportunities.

I think the Kings’ problems are becoming clearer now. It’s not that the team isn’t working hard, but instead there’s little chemistry on the roster. They can’t figure out the coach and that is where the chemistry has to come from. I’m not sure if that will change as the season moves forward, but I have to believe the owner will eventually figure it out.

That’s the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.

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My fav night at the DCC is this weekend, It’s Elvis night, Elvis Jerseys that will be auctioned off after the game. Tickets for Elvis night start at just $8. “Oh honey can you get out my Elvis suit and sideburns.”

Now, I know I’ll get slapped on the hands for this, but Friday night, lets’ just call this one the Toilet Bowl.

The FireAntz are in town. Two bottom feeders going at it. Lets’ thank someone, at least it’s Elvis night.

The Kings are 7-14-2 for 16 points and the Antz are 7-17-2 for 16 points. Should be a barn burner. Make sure you have your designated driver for this tilt.

The Kings are then going on the road as they are in Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday and they then take on the Surge in Biloxi,MS on Sunday.